Trazodone Withdrawal – Symptoms, Duration, and Side Effects

The following article will cover in detail What Trazodone is, Trazodone withdrawal symptoms, side effects, and duration of Trazodone withdrawal

What Is Trazadone?

Trazodone acts as an antidepressant and contains psychoactive compounds. It’s job is to increase the levels of serotonin within the brain. This chemical has many activities but one of the largest capabilities of this chemical is to make you happy or sad. If serotonin levels are unbalanced, the result is depression. Trazodone is prescribed for generalized anxiety disorders such as chronic pain, tension, and sleep deprivation.

Hate-what-has-become-of-meThe primary purpose of Trazodone is to act as an anti-depressant medication. Trazodone is not be limited to the conditions above, it’s important that you consult with you doctor before you decide to take Trazodone. It’s vital that you know the withdrawal risks if you decide to get off Trazodone. This will be discussed later within this article.

Trazodone may also be used to treat those individuals with migraines, panic disorders, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms Those that suffer from schizophrenia, bipolar depression, recent heart attack, suicidal tendencies, drug abuse history should NEVER take Trazodone. If you are eligible to take Trazodone it’s up to your doctor to prescribe the correct dosage (as well as dosage adjustments from time to time). They will help you decide whether or not Trazadone is safe for you.

During the first few weeks it will take time for your body to adjust to Trazodone, your symptoms of depression may worsen. You may experience increased thoughts of suicide so its vital that family or caregivers remain alert and monitor any changes in your mood. During the first 12 hours after the first dose the doctor must visit the you for a check-up.

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant be sure your doctor knows your condition before taking this drug. In this situation it is better to consult your doctor before you consult with any other source. The effects of Trazodone on pregnancy is unkown, therefore its best to consult with a qualified doctor before moving forward. Anyone under the age of 18 should not take Trazodone without consulting with a doctor first.

Trazodone Side Effects

With any drug you may run into some possible side effects. This can be caused by become addicted and dependent on the drug. Even Consumer Reports, which seems to extol the virtues of Trazodone (for the most part) recognizes that there are certain risks. Trazodone side effects include:

Dry mouth
Stuffy nose
Loss of appetite
Muscle pain
Diarrhea or constipation
Anger or hostility
Fainting spells
Fluttery heartbeat (aka heart rhythm disruptions)
Fluid retention

The above side effects are only a list of side effects that may occur while taking trazodone. It’s best that you are clear of the side effects before you begin taking trazodone. If you have any other questions about trazodone side effects as stated previously you should ask your pharmacist or doctor. Other side effects may include erectile dysfunction, pain during erection, weight gain, weight loss, chills, fever, menstruation problems, sweating, prolonged erections etc.

To limit the possibility of side effects follow your doctors recommended doses. You may still experience side effects following the advice given by your doctor. If you experience any severe side effects stop taking the drug immediately and visit your doctor.

Trazodone Withdrawal Symptoms – Trazodone Withdrawal Side Effects

The following Trazodone withdrawal symptoms is not limited and may include others not listed within this article:

Blurred Vision
Constipation or diarrhea
Lack of coordination
Migraine headaches
Stomach cramps
Repetitive thoughts or songs
Vivid dreams
Worsened depression
Over reaction in simple situations

Antidepressant Solution BookIf you experience any of the above trazodone withdrawal symptoms then you should visit your doctor immediately to set up a detox plan. When taking any medication or drug our body becomes dependent on it and it’s vital that you get help immediately.

Now, you’re probably at this site because you want to STOP using this med… You’ve searched for supplements or programs to help. I’m the first to admit that there aren’t tons of options out there for this particular drug; however, I DID locate a very interesting book by a doctor (MD) named Joseph Glenmullen, called The Antidepressant Solution, touted as a “Step-by-Step guide to Safely Overcoming Antidepressant Withdrawal, Dependence, and ‘Addiction'” and it’s getting a lot of excellent reviews. (Check it out here at Amazon) and he specifically outlines a 5-step tapering program (chapter 6).

Dr. Glenmullen’s work is not that of “pop psychiatry” – his 34 pages of documentation/reference notes makes up more pages than many text books I’ve had when I was in school (ok, so I didn’t go to school for science or math! But still…)

Trazodone Withdrawal Duration

Observations show that Trazodone withdrawal duration may vary from person to person but, symptoms improve with time. It’s not recommended to stop taking the drug abruptly when you have become addicted to it. The dosage may need to be lowered slowly but it’s best to consult with you doctor before you change your dosage (tapering). Your doctor will give you specific nutritional recommendation and a reduction in dosage to help your body overcome the withdrawal symptoms.

Trazodone Overdose Treatment

If you experience an overdose from taking trazodone, contact your poison control center immediately. Overdosing may because excessive sedation, hypotension, weakness, drowsiness and even death. There is no specific treatment for an overdose on Trazodone but includes supportive and symtomatic care. Patients overdosing on trazodone should get immediate attention and given a gastric lavage. Observations show force diuresis can help eliminate this drug from the body.

Trazodone withdrawal should be taken seriously never continue taking the drug beyond the prescribed dosage period. There are many dangerous consequences by taking the drug beyond the given time frame. Speak to your doctor if you have any questions regarding any questions or concerns you have about Trazodone withdrawal or Trazodone withdrawal symptoms.

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